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Universkin: dermocosmetics tailored to your needs

Universkin dermocosmetics

We know that each skin type is different, and cosmetics produced on a mass scale do not satisfy the needs of skin with various problems.

We are the first ones in Krakow to offer you Universkin dermocosmetics – a range of scientifically developed, personalised, dermatological products for skin care at home. They are French dermocosmetics produced by a doctor in his office in response to the individual needs of a given person and the skin problems they were struggling with. We adapt these products to the patient’s lifestyle, time of day, season etc.

The personalised Universkin products are very popular and highly regarded by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic medicine specialists in 30 countries across the world. The treatments combine skin care with functional dermatology. Before a dermocosmetic product is selected, a dermatologist performs a careful medical analysis of the skin. Its results allow them to chose the proper substances, developed and produced in France following 8 years of studies. The doctor can use a minimalist base serum P containing, for example, omega-3, hyaluronic acid, biomimetic peptides, and vitamin E. The base serum is combined with appropriately selected, natural, active ingredients. The actives are pure molecules received from pharmaceutical, as opposed to cosmetic, suppliers. The doctor chooses from 19 active ingredients available, and prepares the product. Using a maximum of 3 actives in one formula results in as many as 1159 combinations. Serum P is an exceptionally active base which itself improves the condition of damaged skin or alleviates

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from Monday to Friday
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The Universkin Dermocosmetics are dedicated to the following skin conditions:

  • Dry or oily skin,
  • Lax skin prone to wrinkles
  • ,Skin with discolourations,
  • Skin with redness or broken capillaries,
  • Uneven skin colour,
  • Rosacea


  • Moisturised skin,
  • Control of the sebaceous gland activity,
  • Skin firmness,
  • reduced wrinkles,
  • Reduced discolourations,
  • Reduced redness,
  • Even skin tone


Instructions are provided by the doctor as a result of a dermatological consultation


Sensitivity to the active ingredients or the components of the product’s base.

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