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esthetic dermatology | skin rejuvenation and elimination of laxity

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (polysaccharide) is naturally found in the skin. Its main function is to bind and retain water.


Linerase is a collagen designed to regenerate and reconstruct tissue. The preparation stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen fibres which lead to filling of the tissue. It does not cause […]


The Infini treatment combines skin micro-needling with warming up of the skin by the radiofrequency energy sent to multiple layers. Infini combines effectiveness, safety and quick recovery. The spatial use […]


Ulthera® is intended for non-invasive face lift and gives results which can be compared only with the effects of plastic surgery. Ulthera® uses the phenomenon of ultrasonic wave concentration that […]


This treatment involves injection of small doses of preparation into the skin with the use of tiny needles. The beneficent mixtures called cocktails are prepared according to the indications and […]


Carboxytherapy – the treatment involves injection of CO2 into the tissue for the therapeutic purposes. It causes significant enlargement of small blood vessels thanks to which the skin is nourished and […]


Zaffiro is a device emitting the infrared radiation IR of specially adjusted wavelengths resulting in uniform and gradual warming up of the deep layers of the dermis (up to 65°C) […]

Platelet Rich Plasma

The aim of the treatment is to provide concentrated growth factors to places where the skin needs regeneration, firming and rejuvenation. The treatment consists of taking the patient’s blood and […]

Superficial peels

In the Janeczko Clinic, patients are offered a range of chemical peels that can be comprehensively adjusted to the needs of the skin. Below you will find a range of […]


Microdermabrasion is a mechanical method of exfoliation. The removal of outer layers of the skin stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and the natural growth of new tissue. The […]

Fraxel CO2

The eCO2 LASER is a reliable fractional laser that removes scars and skin discoloration. The laser emits a beam of light which is rapidly absorbed by the tissue. The treatment […]

Peelingi chemiczne średniogłębokie i głębokie

W Klinice Janeczko pacjenci mają możliwość skorzystania z wielu peelingów chemicznych, które możemy kompleksowo dopasować do potrzeb skóry. Poniżej znajdą Państwo peelingi średniogłębokie i głębokie, które usuną przebarwienia, zniwelują drobne zmarszczki […]

Ultraformer III

Zabieg Ultraformer III wykorzystuje skoncentrowane ultradźwięki o wysokiej częstotliwości. Wskutek wibracji fal dźwiękowych zwiększa się aktywność komórek skóry i dochodzi do wytworzenia nowego kolagenu.  Podczas zabiegu tkanki kurczą się, co daje […]

Medical Peel PQ AGE

PQ-Age Peel is a new treatment that rejuvenates your skin and reduces hyperpigmentation spots. It is a perfect solution for patients that prefer non-invasive and painless treatments. PQ-Age peem consists […]


Profhilo®  opatentowana technologia SHC (Stabilizowane Hybrydowe kompleksy kwasu hialuronowego) polega na zastosowaniu unikalnej kombinacji kwasu hialuronowego o wysokiej i niskiej masie cząsteczkowej, w formie ściśle połączonych, skręconych ze sobą  krótkich […]

LaseMD “Baby Face” treatment

LaseMD treatment is based on the combined operation of a very delicate tulle laser with specially dedicated cosmeceuticals. The substances belonging to this series contain active molecules surrounded by several […]

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