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Klinika Janeczko

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Janeczko Clinic is an aesthetic medicine centre located in the heart of Cracow. We make every effort to ensure that our patients are satisfied with the treatments and feel comfortable.


We offer our patients solutions which are innovative and effective on a global level. While enjoying cosy atmosphere you can undergo various treatments such as Botox, Hyaluronic Acid or Ulthera. Through the years of experience, doctor Julita Zaczyńska-Janeczko has developed a personalised, holistic and safety-first approach to patients. Thanks to the modern equipment and professionalism, patients may also benefit from Macrolane breast enhancement treatments and laser liposuction SlimLipo. Satisfied clients speak volumes of the quality of our treatments. We are pleased to see them coming back to us.


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Safe and effective


Ulthera is a device used to perform non-invasive skin lifting. A clinician starts the procedure with a diagnosis, involving the visualisation of the subcutaneous tissue. This is enabled by the unique technology of ultrasound imaging DeepSEE that is built into the Ulthera. Thanks to this, the clinician evaluates precisely the correct depth at which the treatment will take place. The next step is the therapeutic phase in which a specially adjusted beam of ultrasound is directed at selected areas of the skin. Ulthera is equipped with a variety of heads that allow for a precise treatment of a specific area. Ultrasound therapy focuses on clinically relevant depths by concentrating energy used for significant lifting and tightening of loose skin.

Infini RF

The LUTRONIC INFINI device is a medical device (CE) that uses radio waves (RF) in order to heat up different levels od the skin. It is the world’s first RF medical platform operating subcutaneously with exceptional effectiveness and it requires a very short healing time. The camera has two independent treatment heads. INFINI is currently the only device that gives the effect of firming the skin thanks to repeated action in subsequent layers of the skin. Despite the high treatment power, there is no burn of the epidermis.


System VariLite  to kompleksowe rozwiązanie w dziedzinie laserowego leczenia zmian skórnych. Jest stosowany w terapii takich schorzeń jak: zmiany naczyniopochodne, łagodne zmiany barwnikowe, zmiany naczyń kończyn dolnych. Szerokie spektrum zastosowań sprawia, iż VariLite™ jest jednym z najbardziej wszechstronnych i nowoczesnych systemów laserowych dostępnych na rynku.


Luronic’s eCO2 is a CE and FDA approved medical laser intended for treatment of the skin. It is used for ablative skin resurfacing and intense stimulation of new collagen synthesis. One of the most technologically advanced lasers in the world. eCO2 laser uses the technology of micro-beam ablative photothermolysis of the skin. Its principle is to preserve islands of unaffected skin between zones of thermal damage caused by laser pulses which stimulates a fast healing process.

Fraxel Restore

Fraxel restore represents the latest generation of laser technology. It is a unique and effective non-ablative laser which coagulates tissue of the epidermis and dermis, saving the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, untouched. The device combines safety with effectiveness setting a new standard for laser treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. Technology Fraxel® ensures that the laser light is precisely applied to the skin thanks to an intelligent monitoring system and a control of energy doses.

SlimLipo Palomar

Laser manufactured by Palomar is used in the SlimLipo 3D treatment. The laser emits two wavelengths. This allows for an appropriate degree of adsorption through adipose tissue and skin. The length of 924 nm dissolves fat and a length of 975 nm strengthens and rebuilds collagen fibres so that the skin becomes firmer and your body gains more athletic contours. Thanks to a breakthrough technology, laser liposuction is one of the safest methods to deal with the excess of body fat.


Photoderm Vasculight combines broad spectrum intense pulsed light IPL with the Nd:YAG laser of a wavelength of 1064 nm. Parameters of light of the Photoderm Vasculight are adjusted by a clinician depending on the patient’s needs. The laser light allows for spectacular effects in the treatment of skin discoloration and haemangiomas. The mechanism involves heating the lesion to a sufficiently high temperature as to initiate the destruction and removal of the tissue.



DERMAPEN is a device used for micro needle mesotherapy. With their advanced technology, pulsating needles of the Dermapen are more effective and safer than previously known methods used in skin micro-needling. Thanks to a system of pulsating needle, Dermapen enables injection of active ingredients deep into the skin resulting in visible skin rejuvenation.

LPG Endermologie

A unique, therapeutic device used in LPG Endermologie affects connective tissue. The treated skin is massaged with special heads equipped with rolls. Endermologie can work on multiple programs that allow you to individualise the therapy. This ensures effective treatment of cellulite, stretch marks, muscle pain and other ailments.


Zaffiro device ensures safe and painless skin rejuvenation. It uses an infrared radiation IR of wavelengths ranging from 750-1800 nm. Deep layers of the dermis are heated in a controlled way up to 65ºC. At the same time, the upper layer of the skin is being cooled so as to obtain the maximum comfort of the treatment. Zaffiro won a prestigious award, Perfect Line 2009 Spa Business, and it was chosen as a skin and body treatment device of the year.

Medical centrifuge

Medical, swinging head BD Aesthetic centrifuge is a device that is used to centrifuge the blood of patients during treatment in which autologous plasma is used, i.e. in AutologicTherapy and Regeneris. This specialised and accurate device operates on parameters which allow you to get optimal effects of treatment.

Diamond Tome Skin Resurfacing System

Diamond Microdermabrasion using the DiamondTome™ system is a painless treatment that leaves the skin smooth and vibrant. The effect is obtained due to the use of selected diamond-tip ends characterised by different thicknesses of the crystals. Unlike other systems of microdermabrasion, DiamondTome ™ uses natural diamond (not synthetic diamonds). Thanks to this, the treatment is naturally non-allergenic and does not require downtime.

Pistolet MCT Injector

Multifunkcjonalne urządzenie służące do szybkiego i precyzyjnego przeprowadzania zabiegów mezoterapii i karboksytetrapii. Mct injector łączy zatem dwie różne techniki zabiegowe. Dzięki połączeniu obu tych procedur w czasie jednej sesji zabiegowej lub naprzemiennie, lekarz jest w stanie wykonać wiele efektywnych zabiegów zarówno na twarz, jak i na ciało.

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9:00 – 20:00
(12) 433 83 83
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