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Fraxel CO2

Fraxel CO2

The eCO2 LASER is a reliable fractional laser that removes scars and skin discoloration. The laser emits a beam of light which is rapidly absorbed by the tissue. The treatment involves a controlled and immediate replacement of the old and tired skin for a new and healthy one. Using this laser, excellent results can be achieved much earlier (1–2 treatments) than through the non-ablative method, particularly in the case of deep scars and wrinkles.

FROM 100 PLN/cm2

telephone registration

from Monday to Friday
9:00 – 20:00
(12) 433 83 83
660 495 253

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  • atrophic acne scars, scars caused by an accident, postsurgical and burn scars
  • changes induced by photoageing of the skin
  • wrinkles and loose skin around the eyes and lips
  • melasma, discoloration induced by drugs and the sun effects
  • stretch marks
  • flaccid skin of shoulders and abdominal area
  • shallow, extensive vascular changes


  • skin rejuvenation
  • wrinkle smoothing
  • elimination of scars and stretch marks
  • elimination of enlarged pores
  • reduction of skin discoloration


After the treatment, the skin is a little bit red, tight and slightly swollen. In the next phase, the skin is rough and may peel off. Keep it dry and do not use any greasy, perfumed creams and irritants such as alcohol solutions, e.g. eau de Cologne. Should you feel any discomfort related to the skin tightness, apply rich yet light creams, i.e. CPI Avene or Cicalfate Post-Acte Avene. After the scab falls off, it is advisable to avoid the sun and apply an SPF 50 cream on a treatment area for a month in order to reduce the risk of skin pigmentation problems. The cream should be used every two hours.


  • isotretinoin oral therapy
  • skin cancer
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • chronic, inflammatory, active bacterial and viral infections of the skin
  • dermatoses (e.g., psoriasis, atopic dermatitis)
  • fresh tan
  • recent filling of the wrinkles with hyaluronic acid (the treatment possible after 4 weeks)


Check the device used for the treatment


Laser eCO2 firmy LUTRONIC jest laserem medycznym z certyfikatami CE i FDA przeznaczonym do zabiegów na skórze. Służy on do ablacyjnej przebudowy skóry oraz intensywnej stymulacji syntezy nowego kolagenu. Jeden z najbardziej zaawansowanych technologicznie laserów na świecie. Laser CO2 wykorzystuje technologię mikropunktowej ablacyjnej fototermolizy skóry. Jej zasadą jest zachowanie wysp nieuszkodzonej skóry między głębokimi kanałami uszkodzeń, wywołanymi impulsami laserowymi, dzięki czemu możliwy jest szybki proces gojenia.

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